Mortgage Refinance Calculator

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Our Mortgage Refinance Calculator is designed to help you evaluate the potential benefits and implications of refinancing your home loan.

Begin by entering the details of your current loan: the amount, term in years and interest rate. Next, enter the proposed loan amount, term and rate for the refinancing option you're considering. The calculator provides a clear comparison of the monthly payments for your current and proposed loans, highlighting the variance per payment.

The tool also offers a comprehensive view of the lifetime payment implications. It compares the full repayment amounts for both the current and proposed loans, along with the variance over the entire repayment term. Additionally, it calculates the difference in the number of years required to pay back each loan.

This calculator is essential for homeowners in New Zealand contemplating refinancing. It provides valuable insights into how refinancing could affect your monthly budget and long-term financial commitments, enabling you to make an informed decision based on your specific circumstances and goals.

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