Mortgage Comparison Calculator

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Our Mortgage Comparison Calculator provides an in-depth analysis of your current and proposed mortgage scenarios. This calculator is a valuable tool, especially for those considering a change from their current property (Property A) to a new one (Property B).

Start by entering the current market value and the amount owed on your existing property to calculate your equity. Add details like your current mortgage rate, the remaining loan term and your repayment frequency to get a clear picture of your current situation.

When considering a move to a new property, the calculator helps you evaluate the financial implications. Enter the current market value of the proposed property and the equity you plan to use from the sale of your current home. You’ll see a detailed breakdown of what you will owe on the new mortgage, including the rate, term and repayment frequency.

The calculator also work out the costs associated with both mortgages, including the cost per week or year and the total cost over the remaining loan term. Additionally, it provides a situation-specific summary, offering insights into the equity in your current property, potential real estate fees, the balance after selling your property, and the equity remaining after purchasing the new one.

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