Mortgage Budget Calculator

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Our Mortgage Budget Calculator is an essential aid in planning your mortgage budget. Designed specifically for Kiwi home buyers, whether first-time buyers or seasoned investors, this tool simplifies this process.

This comprehensive calculator considers various aspects of your financial situation. You can enter details on a monthly basis, including diverse income streams like remuneration, allowances, commission and even subsidies or other incomes. It accounts for deductions – from ACC and KiwiSaver to student loans and GST. By evaluating your net income and adding any extras, such as child support or rental property earnings, it provides a clear picture of your financial standing.

Operational and financing expenses are the other important part of the equation. From day-to-day living costs like groceries and utilities to bigger commitments like mortgage repayments or vehicle financing, every aspect of your expenditure is considered. This thorough approach ensures that the calculator's output – your Net Disposable Income (NDI) – accurately reflects your financial capacity.

When it comes to the mortgage calculations, the tool is flexible, accommodating various payment frequencies, deposit amounts, interest rates and loan terms. It translates your raw financial data into practical insights, showing how much you can afford to borrow so you can make informed decisions for your future home.

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