Mortgage Break Fee Calculator

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Our Mortgage Break Fee Calculator offers a straightforward way to estimate the cost of breaking or repaying your mortgage early, providing clarity and aiding in your financial planning.

Entering the loan principal value that currently remains and the original loan term. Details about when the loan was taken out and the interest rate at that time are also crucial for an accurate calculation. You'll also need to provide the date you plan to break the loan and the expected wholesale hedge rate at that time.

The calculator takes into account the one-off bank administration fee and calculates the duration completed on the loan, as well as the remaining duration. This information helps in determining the loan balance remaining and the interest rate variance.

By entering these details, you’ll receive an estimate of the break fee you might incur for early repayment. This fee is calculated based on the difference between the interest rate at the start of your loan and the current wholesale rate, among other factors.

This tool is especially useful for those in New Zealand wanting to weigh up the financial implications of paying off their mortgage sooner than planned. It helps you make informed decisions, ensuring that any steps you take align with your financial goals and circumstances.

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