LVR Lending Capacity Calculator

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Our LVR Lending Capacity Calculator is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your borrowing potential under the current Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) guidelines.

This calculator is an invaluable resource for property owners in New Zealand looking to expand their portfolio, refinance or simply understand their current position in a dynamic property market. It offers clarity on your borrowing capacity, aiding in strategic decision-making for your property investments.

Start by entering the current RBNZ LVR lending ratio and the market interest rate. Add the payment term for additional lending to get started. The calculator requires details like your property's purchase price, deposit amount and total mortgage amount.

The tool calculates the equity in your property, both at the time of purchase and based on the current market value. This gives you a clear understanding of your equity ratio and lending ratio, both crucial in evaluating your capacity to secure additional lending.

By inputting your desired additional lending amount, the calculator provides detailed insights into the potential financial implications. It breaks down the additional payments you would need to make on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly basis, along with the total additional interest paid over the loan term.

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