Loan to Value Calculator

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Our Loan to Value Calculator simplifies the process of finding the Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) of your property. This information helps in providing a clear picture of your mortgage-related finances.

To begin, enter the property's purchase price and the amount you plan to deposit. The calculator will determine the total mortgage amount you'll need. With these figures it calculates the LTV – a key metric used by lenders to assess the risk of the loan. This ratio represents the percentage of the property's value you're borrowing.

Understanding your LTV is vital as it influences mortgage terms, interest rates and the need for Mortgage Lenders Insurance. A lower LTV generally means less risk for lenders and potentially more favourable loan conditions for the borrower.

This tool is particularly useful for first-time buyers, property investors and anyone looking to refinance in New Zealand. It helps in planning your property purchase strategy by providing insights into how much you need to borrow relative to the property value, guiding your decisions towards more financially secure and feasible property investments.

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