Debt Service Ratio Calculator

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The Debt Service Ratio Calculator is an essential assessment tool. It is designed to help Kiwi investors and property owners gauge their loan affordability - a critical factor in successful property management and investment.

By entering your Net Operating Income (NOI) and Annual Debt Service Cost (ADS), this calculator efficiently calculates your Debt Service Ratio (DSR). The DSR is a key metric used by lenders and investors to evaluate the proportion of income used to service your debt. An optimal DSR indicates a healthy balance between income and debt, vital for maintaining financial stability and attractiveness to lenders.

Example: With an annual NOI of $30,000 and an ADS of $25,000, the calculator simplifies the complex calculation, providing a clear ratio. This ratio can guide decisions regarding property investments, refinancing or acquiring new loans, ensuring you stay informed and financially wise in New Zealand's dynamic real estate market.

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